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April 1st, 2000 (Issue no. 7)

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State Groups
Arkansas Interfaith Conference
Missouri Public Health Association

Central Brooklyn Independent Democrats (NY)
Green Party of Metro Detroit (MI)
Church of the Lord Jesus Christ (MI)
Oakland County Chapter of the National Organization of Women (MI)
Health Care for All California, San Francisco Peninsula South Bay Chapter (CA)
Interfaith Council for Peace and Justice (MI)
Mid-Missouri Veterans for Peace (MO)
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (CA)
St. Hilary Church (MI)
Our Lady of Fatima Church (MI)
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (MI)
Albuquerque Health Care for the Homeless (NM)
Colorado Coalition for the Homeless (CO)
Wasatch Homeless Health Care (UT) 


The March 20th U2K Campaign Steering Committee conference call - allowing leaders from state and national organizations that have endorsed the campaign at the Coordinator level to share  organizing strategies and to coordinate targeted outreach and events - featured over 20 people from both national and state organizations.  What follows are highlights of organizing briefs shared during the call.  A revised list of Steering Committee members and their contact information will be  sent out following this email.  To get involved in the U2K Campaign in your state, contact the Coordinator.  If you think your organization may be eligible to join the Steering Committee, contact Lee Chilcote at 216/902-5577 or  

MI - Marge Mitchell, Michigan Universal Health Care Action Network (MichUHCAN)

MichUHCAN convenes a U2K Steering Committee with 12 members and representation from various organizations, including Gray Panthers of Metro Detroit.  They are developing outreach targets, and are focusing on a "slam dunk" list of organizations they've worked with before.  They will be expanding their Steering Committee soon.  On April 8th, they've planned a kick-off seminar entitled, "Universal Health Care: If Not Now, When?"  Past PNHP President and expert on the Canadian health system Dr. Claudia Fagan will speak, as will Lee Chilcote, Field Organizer for the campaign.  They are developing a working group for outreach to Congressional candidates.

Workmen's Circle - Sandy Weinreb
A new member of the Steering Committee, Workmen's Circle has sent a mailing to member groups about the U2K Campaign.  Steering Committee members have copies of a list of Workmen's Circle chapters to contact.  Sandy volunteered to help with outreach to national Jewish organizations.

PA - Harold Wallach, Philadelphia Ad Hoc Committee to Defend Health Care
A new member of the Steering Committee, Harold described the Ad Hoc Committee's efforts to organize a demonstration/march at the July 29th Republican Convention in Philadelphia.  He is soliciting groups from across the country to converge on this date for a march for universal health care. The Ad Hoc Committee will focus especially on building stronger ties with labor. For info, check out the web site,

NY - Mark Hannay, Metro NY Health Care for All  
Metro NY Health Care for All are planning a meeting with clergy leadership in early April, to follow up on a meeting that was held in March.  They're also planning a broader forum with representation from labor, community groups and religious leadership.  Metro NY HCA is involved in a Rescue Health Care Day event in NY, at which they will be opposing for-profit managed care, as well as advocating for universal health care.  They are sending out a mailing to member organizations urging them to endorse U2K. 

CA - Don Bechler, CA Health Care for All 
CA Health Care for All held a forum on universal health care on 3/18, with participation from Neighbor to Neighbor San Francisco, SF Gray Panthers and Health Care for All SF.  They are sending a mailing to the 230 groups that endorsed the State Bill 480, a bill to study various ways of providing universal health care that was passed last year in CA.  Health Access is also doing a mailing to their network of nearly 200 groups to endorse U2K. 

NV - Ruth Mills, NV Health Care Reform Project
The group will bring information about U2 to their 52 member organizations at an upcoming meeting to urge their endorsement and participation.  

MA - Barbara Aldave, National Gray Panthers Chair
Barbara is playing a role as the interim Coordinator for MA, until someone else can be found.  She plans to reach out to organizations to join U2K. 

FL - Eileen Jacobs, FL Health Care for All
FL Health Care for All are sending U2K materials out to groups to urge their endorsement.  They are working with CHAIN, a network of justice organizations across Florida.  They are targeting Habitat for Humanity, free clinics and interfaith groups.

IL - Nancy Tegtmeier, IL Conference of Churches
IL Conference of Churches is working especially hard to bring historically black church organizations into the U2K Campaign.  They are developing a bulletin insert that can be used in church programs, and have asked for time to do workshops on universal health care from the judicatories in IL, such as Church Women United, at their meetings/conferences.  They are also
seeking ways to get the Catholic communities involved in this campaign. 

IL - Michelle Mascaro, IL Campaign for Better Health Care 
IL CBHC has nearly finished campaign materials for its joint IU2K/U2K Campaign.  They are also organizing a speakers' bureau to travel across the state talking about universal health care, doing speaking gigs in May after April training.  Beginning with members, they're reaching out for endorsements, especially bringing individual congregations on board.

CT - Dr. John Battista, CT Coalition for Universal Health Care
A new Steering Committee member, the CT Coalition for Universal Health Care is working to elect 3rd party candidates in CT, to support a single payer state bill, and to advocate for Medicaid expansion for working families. They are also participating in Rescue Health Care Day in New Haven.  They have broad support, and work with 3rd parties such as Labor and the Greens,
as well as labor unions such as 1199 (national hospital employees union). They have a web site they want to call attention to:  

CT Coalition for Universal Health Care will work to bring the organizations that they work with in Connecticut into the U2K Campaign.

NJ - Chuck Rawlings, faith coordinator
Chuck has placed U2K Campaign endorsement before the NJ Council of Churches. This endorsement will open doors in the faith community in NJ.  He is also working with NJ Health Care for All to contact local churches. 

NJ - O'Brien Boldt, NJ Health Care for All
In addition to working to bring endorsers on board in New Jersey, NJ Health Care for All are holding a meeting on May 9th on universal health care. Robb Burlage and Nick Unger will speak.  Other speakers are also invited.  

VT - Ethan Parke, VT Health Care for All 
A new member of the Steering Committee, VT Health Care for All are an offshoot of the VT Consumers Campaign for Health, and work specifically around universal health care (not incremental reform, as the other group does).  They are working to bring organizations in VT on board U2K.  

TX - Charlotte Flynn, Austin Gray Panthers
The Austin Gray Panthers are helping plan a meeting at a medical school in San Antonio.  They also worked on a Rescue Health Care Day event in Austin. They are working on getting endorsers in TX.  

MO - Rev. Gloria Weber, Gethsemane Lutheran Church, Interfaith Voices for Peace and Justice
Gloria reported on a recent faith community meeting on March 1st, as well as the Missourians for Single-Payer Health Care state conference on March 18th, at which U2K played a large role.  Gloria has developed a workshop on universal health care that she can share with others.  She is especially interested in outreach to the Catholic community in MO, but is also working to encourage congregations across MO to endorse the U2K Campaign.  

RI - Arline Bolvin, Coalition for Consumer Justice
RI has over 30 groups on board, from a broad array of constituencies, including small businesses, community groups and disease advocacy organizations.  They are considering hiring a part-time staff person to work on their single-payer bill and U2K jointly.  They do regular mailings about U2K, and are doing a joint press conference on U2K and their single payer bill.  They are attending a small business expo to do U2K outreach to this important constituency, and attending a forum at Brown University.  U2K will play a large role at their upcoming state conference in April.  

National Health Care for the Homeless Council - Kevin Lindamood, Community Relations Coordinator 
At the recent board meeting of National Health Care for the Homeless Council, the U2K Campaign was featured in a policy brief on universal health care.  Individual board members were asked to solicit their local Health Care for the Homeless projects to endorse individually, and several have joined already.  Also, NHCHC has just developed its year 2000 policy paper, which includes, for the first time, information on the U2K Campaign.  

IN - Julia Vaughn, IN Citizen Action
A new member of the Steering Committee, IN Citizen Action is now working on reforms such as managed care accountability.  However, they plan to be more active on the issue of universal health care in the future, and will begin to organize around the U2K Campaign at upcoming meetings.  National Coalition of Mental Health Professionals and Consumers - Dr. Karen Shore, Director  Dr. Shore spoke about the Rescue Health Care Day events that were coming up on April 1st, and announced that the NCMHPC will have a regular representative on the Steering Committee calls.  Please see the section in this newsletter on Rescue Health Care Day for more information.  


Including "Health Care Issues of Particular Constituencies" Outreach Tool!

The U2K Education Handbook will be sent as a special mailing this week to all U2K endorsers and individual contributors.  U2K staff hope it will be a useful tool to educate the members of your organization, do outreach to local, state and national organizations, and educate and engage candidates. It will also be available on the web site sometime in the next couple of weeks.  Of particular interest may be a section entitled "Health Care Issues of Particular Constituencies," which we hope will allow organizations to build the U2K Campaign broadly, including groups that have not historically been involved in health care justice movements.  We encourage and welcome your feedback and comments on U2K literature.  "COUNT ME IN" PLEDGE DRIVE REMINDER

Recently, most of you were asked to make a monthly pledge towards the U2K Campaign.  While we are soliciting major foundation grants, we rely on grassroots funding support, as well.  Please be as generous as possible, and fax, mail or email your pledge form today.  Your continued support will make a broad-based movement for universal health care possible.  


(excerpted from California Healthline, 3/17)

"As the growing ranks of America's uninsured tops 44 million, the next generation of health care providers mobilized for universal health care.  On the steps of the Capitol yesterday, members of AMSA rallied to show their support for the States' Right to Innovate in Health Care (SRIHC) Act of 2000.  The proposal, to be introduced in the House by Rep. John Tierney (D-MA), would provide up to 10 states with grants of $3.75 million to research and develop individual state plans for universal, comprehensive, cost-effective health care in their campaign called 'Speak Up, America! Health Care is Our Right!" participants from medical schools in Ohio, New York, Texas, Michigan, California, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico carried signs that read 'Listen to the People - Not the Money' and 'Health Care is Your Human Right.'  White coat-clad students also held coffee cups with eight pennies to show that 'just $0.08 per hour or $2.00 per day' - per average middle-income family - is enough to pay for health care for all"  

In over 30 cities across the country, activists from a broad spectrum of organizations rallied around "Rescue Health Care Day" on April 1st, attending public rallies and marches and grabbing the attention of the national news media.  Rescue Health Care Day, organized by the National Coalition of Mental Health Professionals and Consumers (NCMHPC), called for an end to managed care and a renewed national dialogue on alternatives to our health care system.  Some of the Rescue Health Care Day events linked the abuses of our managed care system with its domination by the for-profit health care industry.  U2K activists in Maryland, New York and Texas, among other places, called for a national dialogue on ways to achieve universal health care.  At a rally in Towson, Maryland, Vincent DeMarco, Director of the Maryland Citizens Health Initiative and a member of the U2K Steering Committee, stressed that, according to a poll they initiated, 78 percent of Maryland residents believe that quality health care is a right.  The Maryland Citizens Health Initiative has launched a campaign to make Maryland the first state to achieve universal health care, and have signed on more than 500 groups already.  For more information about Rescue Health Care Day or NCMHPC, visit the web site at or call 888/SAY-NO-MC.  


Endorsements continue to arrive from the faith community.  An especially gratifying development has been the endorsement of individual church leaders.  From Michigan we welcome the endorsement of Bishop Thomas Gumbleton from the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Detroit and Father Norman Thomas of Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Michigan.  Gloria Weber, Faith Communities Coordinator in Missouri, reports that she is developing an intergenerational U2K workshop for use in congregations.  The workshop will be presented in her congregation, Gethsemane Lutheran Church in St. Louis, on April 9, in preparation for a discussion by the church's leadership for endorsement on April 16. Public policy statements and official resolutions from various faith communities are being collected.  Please feel free to send such documents issued by your faith group by fax or mail to Rev. Linda Walling, Faith Communities Coordinator (Fax number - 216/241-8423). 

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