The Newsletter of the Universal Health Care 2000 Campaign (U2K)

February 15th, 2000 (Issue no. 4)


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Communication Health Action Information Network (C.H.A.I.N., FL), Vermont Consumers Campaign for Health (VT), Service Employees International Union, Ohio State Council (OH), Illinois Conference of Churches (IL), New York Committees of Correspondence (NY)



Annunciation Parish Pastoral Council (OH), Comprehensive Human Services - The Front Door and The Shelter (MO), Health Care for All, Long Beach/South Bay (CA), Visalia Democratic Club (CA), League of Women Voters of East Nassau, New York (NY), Detroit Democratic Socialists of America (MI), Cleveland AFL-CIO (OH)




U2K will kick off the Steering Committee, the strategic planning body of the campaign, with a conference call this week.  Initial membership in the Steering Committee is offered to all organizations that endorse at the Coordinator level, meaning that they commit to educate members, network with new organizations, approach candidates and commit significant in-kind and/or financial resources to the campaign.  The agenda items for the first Steering Committee call will include base-building activities during the Primary season, how to approach candidates in the early stages of the electoral season, and planning a national Day of Action in October.  For more information about the Steering Committee, or to sign up as a Coordinator, contact Rachel DeGolia, Campaign Coordinator, at 216/902-5577 or



(By Linda Walling, Faith Communities Coordinator)


New linkages among universal health care advocates were generated when 28 representatives of diverse constituencies met in Chicago on February 2nd at the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America headquarters.  Representatives from advocacy groups, health care providers and faith communities once again affirmed the need for networking among ALL the groups committed to this issue.  It was noted that the U2K Campaign could be particularly helpful in three ways: 1) Produce a "primer" of health care reform history, vocabulary, FAQ's, health care systems around the world, etc., 2) collate a bibliography of resources available from all the groups working for health reform, 3) help develop speakers bureaus in different locales.


For more information, please contact Linda Walling at or 216/751-2440.




The new U2K Organizing Handbook, which contains tools for educating members, outreach to new endorsers, approaching candidates and working with media, will be sent out as part of a special mailing this week, to all U2K endorsers.  Look for your copy in the mail!  Also, you'll be able to download it from our web site,, by the end of the week.




**Health Care for All California endorses at Coordinator level

(by Steve Schear, excerpted from HCA California newsletter)


In California, the timing of U2K could not be better.  Last year the universal health care movement rose like a phoenix and again became a political force.  Led by Health Care for All California, a large coalition of over 200 organizations worked to pass SB 480.  U2K is a natural follow-up to the SB 480 campaign for many reasons.  Because of the similar focus on universal health care, U2K can help keep building the coalition formed for SB 480.  Because the National Council of Churches supports U2K, there is an opening to approach local religious groups.  Because the campaign supports universal health care, groups can join that haven't yet taken a position on single payer.  And because of the revival of the movement here, U2K in California can boost this national effort to increase support for universal health care.


For more information, contact Don Bechler, Health Care for All San Francisco at or 415/695-7891.


**New Jersey Health Care for All develops plan of action to approach candidates in every Congressional District (by O'Brien Boldt)


Health Care for All New Jersey is a new coalition, initiated in Bergen County, that has taken on the job of developing the U2K Campaign in this state.  We aim to bring significant pressure to every serious candidate in every Congressional District Primary and General Election campaign, to lay the groundwork for a statewide Health Care for All coalition to sustain grassroots pressure for universal health care over the long haul.  To develop pressure on candidates, we will bring together a "spark-plug" team of five to ten individuals in each Congressional District, with access to organizational leaders in different constituencies.  The "spark plug" teams would take on the assignment of meeting with leaders of different organizations to persuade them to endorse the campaign.  The goal is to get the organizations to endorse the U2K resolution, send it to the candidates asking for their commitment, and to participate in follow-up delegations to

the candidates.


For more information contact O'Brien Boldt at or 201/569-5721.


**Illinois Campaign for Better Health Care organizes "IU2K"


The Illinois Campaign for Better Health Care (CBHC) is organizing "IU2K," a statewide effort to create a broad coalition of organizations working towards universal health care in the state of Illinois.  CBHC is partially modeling IU2K after the national U2K Campaign, and is among the leaders among health care justice organizations in recognizing how U2K and state initiatives can complement and reinforce one another.  CBHC has also signed on as a Coordinator in the U2K Campaign.


For more information, contact CBHC Organizer Michelle Mascaro at 312/913-9449 or


**National Health Care for the Homeless plans Policy Symposium in April that

includes action on U2K


As part of a national conference held April 27-29 in Denver, CO, National Health Care for the Homeless is planning a Policy Symposium. Representatives from over 500 clinics across the country are invited to attend the conference, which will include a keynote address by Nick Unger of UNITE, a member of the U2K Administrative Committee.  The Symposium will also feature two workshops to urge local Health Care for the Homeless groups to get engaged in the campaign.  National Health Care for the Homeless is a major partner in the U2K Campaign, and they are working towards universal health care through building support within their membership.


For more information on Health Care for the Homeless or to get in touch with a local group, contact Kevin Lindamood, Community Relations Coordinator, at 410/837-8020 or visit the web site at


**Gray Panthers chapters sign on to U2K


The Gray Panthers stepped up their involvement in the U2K Campaign in January when, following a call for involvement sent by Gray Panthers national Director Tim Fuller, a member of the U2K Administrative Committee, 13 new Gray Panthers chapters endorsed U2K.  The Gray Panthers chapters that have endorsed U2K now include the Gray Panthers of Metro DC, Rhode Island, Berkeley, Northern California, Sacramento, San Francisco, South Dade County Florida, Boston, Metro Detroit, South New Jersey, Northern New Jersey, Greater Albuquerque, Suffolk County New York, New York, Austin, and Houston.


Is there a Gray Panthers chapter in your area you'd like to reach out to in order to get involved in U2K?  Would you like the contact info for a local Gray Panthers group?  Call the Gray Panthers at 202/737-6637 or


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