The Newsletter of the Universal Health Care 2000 Campaign (U2K)

January 17, 2000 (Issue no. 2)


Health Care Justice NOW is a bi-weekly fax/email service to U2K endorsers. It aims to keep endorsers of U2K informed and engaged.  It is also an outreach tool, so please email, fax and distribute this newsletter widely, and encourage other organizations to endorse through contacting us directly.




Following this email message you will find the list of "founding endorsers" of the U2K Campaign.  This list contains representation from 20 states, and a broad and diverse number of constituencies, including health care advocacy groups, health care providers, senior groups, labor, faith communities, disability groups and community organizations.  The list contains 16 national, 35 state/regional, and 50 local organizations.  As the word spreads about the need for a broad-based, grassroots, national campaign for

universal health care, the list of U2K endorsers will continue to grow.




On January 15th, the U2K web site was launched, including a list of endorsers, campaign updates and resources.  Current and back issues of Health Care Justice NOW will be posted.  Campaign literature can be downloaded.  Coming soon, the web site will contain links to parallel national campaigns and candidates' statements about universal health care. It will also have information about U2K events, allowing your organizations to connect with others.  Please visit the web site often and send us your comments.




The U2K Campaign encourages organizations to not only endorse, but actively engage in the campaign.  Choosing a level of engagement in the campaign is the next step after endorsement.  There are four basic levels of engagement in the campaign.


Endorser - organization name shared as endorser.

Educator - endorse and commit to educate members and engage candidates.

Networker - endorse, educate members, engage candidates, reach out to other groups to join the campaign.

Coordinator - endorse, educate members, engage candidates, reach out to other groups, give staff/volunteer time to the campaign, give financial support and participate in state level strategizing; eligible to join Campaign Steering Committee.


If your organization hasn't chosen a level of engagement in the U2K campaign, please work within your organization to do so and fax, email or phone in a level of engagement today.  We will be calling on you for your engagement in the coming weeks.




**Missouri Activists Plan Lobby Day for Universal Health Care


On Wed., Jan. 26th, a group of Missouri organizations that support universal health care are holding a lobbying day at the Missouri State Capitol in Jefferson City.  Activists will carry the U2K pledge to state legislators to urge their support for universal health care, and also to support a single-payer bill being introduced in the Missouri legislature.  Efforts of the Missouri activists show how U2K can support and reinforce state/local efforts for universal health care.  The lobby day is being sponsored by Mid-Missourians for Universal Single-Payer Health Care (MMUSPCH), Missouri Association for Social Welfare (MASW), National Association for Social Workers (NASW Missouri chapter) and Reform Organization of Welfare (ROWEL). For a ride and/or more information, call Mary Hussmann at 573/474-1983 or email

**Metro NY Health Care for All Campaign Signs On As "Coordinator"


Metro NY Health Care for All Campaign, a group that recently helped to win the expansion of Medicaid to working families earning up to 300% of the poverty level in NY, has placed U2K at the top of their agenda for the year 2000.  The organization committed to engage at the Coordinator level, which makes them eligible to participate on the U2K Steering Committee, and to coordinate U2K activities in the state of New York.


"The U2K Campaign offers our members a wonderful opportunity to re-engage in the fight for universal health care," says Director Mark Hannay.  "It's re-energizing our coalition in a major way we haven't experienced in a few years.  It is something we've been chomping at the bit for, and are ready to take on enthusiastically."  For information contact Mark Hannay at or 212/766-4165.


**Florida Activists Create CHAIN for Universal Health Care


CHAIN is a network of social justice organizations in Florida that employs an email/fax network to connect groups across the state, and to address key issues in the state legislature.  CHAIN has taken on U2K as a key issue for its members.  Eileen Jacobs of Florida Health Care for All, a U2K endorser, says, "Whenever CHAIN is introduced, U2K is introduced.  U2K looks at the national need for universal health care, and in Florida, we're concerned about the growing number of uninsured.  It's all tied together."  For more information contact Karen Woodall at CHAIN at or 850/222-7607.


**Maryland Citizens' Health Initiative Dovetails with U2K


After an encouraging state-wide poll found that 78% of over 1,500 Maryland residents surveyed supported universal health care, the Maryland Citizens' Health Initiative has set the ambitious goal of getting 2,000 organizations to support the campaign by 2000.  "We are making significant progress in getting organizations to endorse the Citizen's Declaration of Health Care Independence in Maryland, and have 170 so far," says Vinnie DeMarco, Campaign Director.  The Maryland Citizens' Health Initiative has also endorsed U2K.  "We believe that universal health care is a fundamental right, and we endorse U2K because we believe that we should all be working together."  For information contact Vinnie DeMarco at 410/235-9000 or




The success of the U2K Campaign will hinge on bringing together a diverse coalition of organizations to mobilize around universal health care in the 2000 elections.  Faith communities will play an especially important role in stepping up their historic role in justice issues, but especially in advocating for quality health care for all.  The U2K Campaign recently hired Linda Walling as the Faith Outreach Coordinator.  Linda can be reached at or 216/751-2440.




**Missourians for Single Payer Health Care (MoSP) was incorrectly listed as the group that organized a U2K rally in Columbia, MO in November 1999 in the last issue of Health Care Justice NOW.  In fact, Mid-Missourians for Universal/Single-Payer Health Care, a chapter of MoSP, were the organizers of that rally.  For more information, contact Mary Hussman of MMUSPHC at or 573/474-1983.


**The web site address of the National Health Care for the Homeless Council was incorrectly listed in the last issue of Health Care Justice NOW.  The correct address is

Visit the web site to find out more about the "People Like Me" campaign, which will involve homeless and homeless advocates in fighting for universal health care.


*****************************TELL US WHAT YOU'RE DOING!!!


The U2K Campaign calls on YOU to keep us informed about U2K related events in your organization, and relevant health care justice work.  We want to include regular updates about state and local activities in Health Care Justice NOW.  So don't be a stranger!



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