The Newsletter of the Universal Health Care 2000, or U2K, Campaign

January 5, 2000   (Issue no. 1)


Welcome to the very first edition of the U2K Campaign newsletter, Health Care Justice NOW, a bi-weekly fax and email service to endorsers and organizers of the U2K Campaign.  Health Care Justice NOW! will keep endorsers of U2K informed and engaged in the U2K Campaign through Campaign updates, calendar announcements and universal health care related news and views.  It is also an outreach tool, so please email, fax and distribute this newsletter widely, and encourage other organizations to sign up through contacting us at the address listed at the end of this newsletter.  (If you do not wish to receive Health Care Justice NOW, email us at


Are you U2K Compliant?

While millions of Americans prepared for Y2K through stocking their basements with bottled water and canned goods or simply "partying like it's 1999," an emerging coalition of national, state and local organizations committed to placing fundamental health care reform back on America's national agenda have launched the U2K Campaign.  The organizers say that the solution to the health care problem - which leaves 44 million people without insurance and millions more under-insured - is the U2K solution.


U2K Campaign Launched!

The U2K Campaign was launched on Oct. 22nd, 1999 at a rally on the Capitol steps in Washington D.C. organized by the Gray Panthers, followed by the Universal Health Care Action Network (UHCAN!) & Gray Panthers national conferences.


The U2K Campaign is a call to make the need for universal health care a central part of the 2000 elections and to use the 2000 elections to move America towards achieving universal health care.  A strong U2K campaign will accomplish three objectives.  It will:


1. Increase the political visibility of fundamental health care reform nationwide. 2. Strengthen local health care coalitions and create new linkages with organizations concerned about America's health care crisis. 3. Help create an energized bloc of universal health care supporters in the next Congress.



**National Council of Churches endorses U2K! The NCC, which represents 35 faith communions, endorsed the U2K Campaign at its 50th National Assembly in Cleveland in November.  For more information go the NCCC web site at


**American Public Health Association makes universal health care a top priority! The American Public Health Association (APHA) also decided to make universal health care a top priority for 2000 at their November annual meeting, and will vote on whether to endorse U2K during their January board meeting.


**National Health Care for the Homeless (HCH) gets homeless people and their advocates involved in fighting for universal health care! National Health Care for the Homeless, a U2K endorser, has begun a "People Like Me" poster contest that will provide opportunities for homeless and formerly homeless people to become involved in the struggle for health care justice.  The winning artist will receive a cash prize and a trip to Denver for the national HCH Conference and Policy Symposium in late April 2000. The winning poster will be reproduced as a post card, and distributed to service providers and advocates at their 600 clinics nationwide.  The cards will be for homeless people to sign, and send to candidates for national office.  The cards will call on candidates for the 2000 elections to support universal health care.  For more information go to the National HCH web site at:


**Missourians Rally for U2K!

Mid-Missourians for Universal Single Payer brought together eighteen organizations to endorse U2K at a Nov. 18th rally in Columbia.  Community organizations, religious groups, health care providers and two state legislators endorsed U2K.  They are planning a universal health care lobby day in late January targeting state legislators, linking U2K with the drive to support the Missouri single-payer bill.

For more information contact: 

Mary Hussmann,

5306 Rice Road

Columbia MO  65202



**Endorse by Jan. 15th to be "U2K Founder"

On Jan. 15th, 2000 the U2K Campaign will release its initial list of endorsing organizations.  To date, local, state and national organizations have joined the U2K Campaign, and a much larger outreach campaign is planned in early January.  If your organization hasn't yet endorsed and you wish to be among the inaugurating endorsers of U2K, fax, email or mail in your endorsement of the U2K Campaign today!  If you have already endorsed can contact other organizations, please let us know who they are so that we may follow up.  If you would like extra copies of Campaign materials, contact us.


U2K Administrative Committee Formed

The U2K Administrative Committee is responsible for the day-to-day administration of the Campaign.  The strategic direction setting of the U2K Campaign will shift to the endorsing organizations that join the Steering Committee in late January.  The Administrative Committee consists of the following leaders: Ken Frisof , UHCAN!; Barbara Baylor, UCC; Robb Burlage NCC; Tim Fuller, Gray Panthers; Barbara George; Ted Steege, Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC); Nick Unger, UNITE


U2K Staff & Leaders

In late November, U2K hired its first Field Organizer, Lee Chilcote, a Cleveland-based freelance writer and organizer.  Rachel Rosen DeGolia, the Associate Director of UHCAN!, is serving as the U2K Campaign Coordinator. The U2K Campaign is housed in the UHCAN! national office in Cleveland, Ohio. Lee can be called at 216/902-5577 or emailed at; after 1/15 his email will become Rachel can be reached at 800/634-4442 or Please do no hesitate to call with questions about the Campaign, newsletter, or to request Campaign materials.


U2K Builds a Grassroots Fundraising Base

The U2K Campaign must rely on endorsing organizations for the financial underpinnings of this campaign.  If you have sent an organizational donation with your endorsement, we thank you.  If your organization has endorsed but has not yet sent in a donation, please send your donation with sixty days. We also are pursuing foundation grants and raising funds from individuals, and planning a pledge drive to begin in January.


Ink Drying on U2K Campaign Literature

If your organization has endorsed the U2K Campaign, you should have received a copy of our U2K Campaign Call, endorsement and outreach forms, and the Campaign and Education Handbooks.  The Campaign Call describes the strategy of the Campaign, the endorsement process and levels of endorsement.  The Education Handbook provides a broad overview of health care justice issues. The Campaign Handbook is a tool to engage in the Campaign.  To request copies of materials contact us or visit the web site.  We will be revising Campaign materials throughout January, and will keep you updated.


Health Care Justice Calendar

Jan. 19-22nd, Washington D.C.   "Health Action 2000: Moving Forward Together," Families U.S.A. Conference - For information: 202/628-3030 or


Feb. 2nd, Chicago    "Linkages for Health Care Justice:U2K and Beyond" A Regional and National Meeting February 2, 2000, 10 AM to 3 PM - Contact U2K office for information




CONTACT: Lee Chilcote, Field Organizer U2K Campaign 2800 Euclid Ave., Suite 520, Cleveland OH 44115 Phone: 216/902-5577 * Fax: 216/241-8423 Email: *

 (as of 1/15) Web Site (as of 1/15):