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Newsletter of the Universal Health Care 2000 Campaign (U2K)

October 18, 2000 (Issue no. 17)


CANDIDATES FOR CONGRESS from CA, CT, MI, NH, NJ, NY, OH and RI commit to make working for universal health care a top priority in the 107th Congress. 

Urge your candidates to be LEADERS FOR HEALTH CARE JUSTICE! (See link to web site for more info.)

Between now and Election Day (Nov. 7), we have an opportunity to engage candidates for Congress on issues of health care justice.  In the process we have the chance to recruit candidates to join the Congressional Universal Health Care Task Force and to highlight those candidates who are willing to stand up as "Leaders for Health Care Justice" and those who are not.

>>> ACTION NEEDED ­ ask your Congressional candidates to become a "Leader for Health Care Justice."  For a copy of the "Leaders for Health Care Justice" pledge visit the web site, <www.u2kcampaign.org>.

>>> As of 10/16, 25 candidates for Congress have pledged to work for universal health care and to be "Leaders for Health Care Justice." 


13, Stark
38, Schipske

3, DeLauro
5, Maloney

14, Conyers
16, Dingell
9, Kildee
10, Bonior
13, Rivers
Senate, Levin

2, Brannen

6, Pallone
9, Payne
12, Holt
13, Menendez
7, Connelly

26, Hinchey

6, Strickland
10, Kucinich
11, Tubbs-Jones
12, O'Shaughnessy
13, Brown

2, Weygand
1, Kennedy
Senate, Reid

Early highlights from HEALTH CARE JUSTICE WEEK, Oct. 13-22

>>Please participate in a Health Care Justice Week event in your community.  For the complete list, <www.u2kcampaign.org>.

A few early highlights from Health Care Justice Week:

The Michigan Universal Health Care Action Network (MichUHCAN) distributed 4,000 bulletin inserts to 15-20 churches across Michigan, which were used on the two Sundays during Health Care Justice Week.  Additionally, MichUHCAN distributed over 4,000 postcards to their own members and to the over 50 U2K endorsers in Michigan, which urged candidates to become "Leaders for Health Care Justice."  For more information, contact Margie Mitchell, <mjmitchell@ameritech.net>.

The Universal Health Care Action Network of Ohio (UHCAN Ohio) and the nearly 100 endorsers of the U2K Campaign across Ohio held a "Day of Action for Universal Health Care" in Cleveland, Ohio.  With over 200 people in attendance, UHCAN Ohio gained commitments from 3 Congressional candidates as well as several candidates for the state legislature to work for universal health care.  The crowd swayed and sang "We Shall Overcome" with the words, "Health care for us allS" Three TV stations, the local public radio station and the local newspaper covered the event.

The Coalition for Consumer Justice held a "Honk In for Universal Health Care" at Kennedy Plaza in downtown Providence, Rhode Island.  With over 70 people in attendance, the activists reported a lively response (and a lot of honking) from the passers-by.  CCJ gained media coverage from several TV stations, the local newspaper, public radio and several radio talk shows. For more information, contact Arline Bolvin, <consumerj@surfree.com>.

The Gray Panthers convinced the Mayor of Austin to proclaim October 13-22 Health Care Justice Week in Austin, and to urge the citizens to become involved in working for health care justice.  For more information, contact Charlotte Flynn, <wbillflynn@aol.com>.

Over 35 people attended a press conference and "Speak Out for Health Care and Democracy" in the Rotunda of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, DC organized by the Alliance for Democracy and endorsed by the U2K Campaign and others.  The event called for full public financing of elections and for universal health care.  It highlighted the vast and obscene sums of money that the health care industry spends in campaign contributions and lobbying expenses to defeat health care reform.  Mark Hannay of Metro NY Health Care for All was so adamant about the need for health care justice he succeeded in blowing out the speakers at the press conference!  Sixteen activists were arrested in a peaceful, nonviolent demonstration in the Capitol Rotunda as they unfurled banners and made speeches demanding reform.  For more information, contact Jim Ace, <jamesace@earthlink.net>.

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