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A Call for Health Care Justice

A Sign-On Letter from Faith Community Leaders

An Invitation

Religious leaders are invited to join in issuing "A Call for Health Care Justice," a letter which proclaims that our nation's health care delivery crisis is a matter of justice and morality. Faith leaders - pastors, priests, rabbis, imams, nuns, group leaders, etc. - from every faith tradition are urged to:

  1. Sign this letter and return it to the U2K Campaign office.
    Response to this letter will first be used in Health Care Justice Week publicity (October 13-22) and then in follow-up activities with those elected in November

  2. Forward the letter by mail, fax or email to colleagues.

It is important to remember that every day counts and that a rapid turnaround of this letter is essential for its success! 

Click below for the list of religious leaders who have signed the letter to date.

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A Call for Health Care Justice

A Sign-On Letter from Faith Community Leaders

When a young mother learns her newborn has disabilities because of inaccessible prenatal care;

When an older adult has to choose between life-saving prescription drugs and food;

When inexcusable disparities characterize health care among racial and ethnic minorities;

When quality health care for all is undermined by excessive concern for health care industry profits;

Then we, as people of faith, must confront the injustice of our health care delivery system!

No longer can people of faith be silent as 45 million of us suffer because we lack access to adequate health care!

All faith traditions challenge believers to act with justice, to engage in healing, and to treat everyone with compassion. In the United States today, we witness a health care delivery system which distributes services unjustly, rations care inequitably, and offers compassion only to those who can afford it!

Now is the time for our nation to take seriously its responsibility for health care for all.

I call for a health care system which is:

Accessible: Everyone has access to quality health care.

Comprehensive: A full range of service is provided to combat illness/maintain health.

Affordable: Out-of-pocket expenditures do not create financial barriers to needed care.

Publicly Accountable: Appropriate oversight is given to ensure the proper use of health care dollars.

I unite with faith community leaders to call upon our nation's elected officials to accept the moral imperative of providing health care security for all.

I urge our candidates for Congress to join the Congressional Universal Health Care Task Force, and to rise above the special interests of economic and political influence to design a system which justly distributes the resources of the wealthiest and most advanced health care system in the world.

Further, I join in offering the leadership of the faith community to create an environment in which morality, justice and compassion are at the heart of all dialogue focusing on the transformation of our health care system. Let our voices of faith be heard!


To sign on via email, simply click here and provide the information requested below.



To sign on via mail or fax, simply print this page, fill in the information send your response as requested below.


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