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The Universal Health Care Action Network (UHCAN) is building on the
successes of the U2K Campaign to further the long term struggle for
comprehensive health care for all.  For more information: www.uhcan.org.

Proceedings of the National Meeting of the Washington, DC December 2 - 3, 2000

The meeting was characterized by a collective honesty and serious commitment to our common cause by state and national leaders throughout the campaign. The meeting began with a thorough look at the work of the past year - both accomplishments and areas in which we did not have as much success in meeting our goals. A review and discussion of the current political and economic landscape for health care, and of the health care justice movement itself, was conducted.

It was unanimously agreed that:

YES, we want to continue organizing (to build on our work in theU2K campaign and parallel efforts) a nationally coordinated health care justice movement to bring about practical, principled solutions to achieve universal health care.

We need to strengthen organizations in order to carry out this fight, including state and national organizations, and among them is the Universal Health Care Action Network (UHCAN) to help it play more of a coordinating role.

Over the next few months, the structure of U2K and UHCAN will be redefined, resources must be raised to meet our goals, and new governance structures and a new name for the nationally coordinated effort will be explored.

The following GOALS FOR 2001-2002 were agreed upon:

1. Strengthen the organizational infrastructure/raise necessary resources
    - strengthen UHCAN and strengthen/develop governance structure
    - strengthen state organizations - training, communications, help them raise funds to hire staff, develop better tactics
    - raise $30,000 in next 3 months to fund effort to develop long-term plan and organization

2. Prepare for future defensive battles (given political landscape)
    - plan how to use defensive health care battles to move toward universal health care
    - develop best approaches to other incremental reform proposals

3. Build long-term links
    - work with organizations and constituencies to develop strategic thinking that will help them link their work to universal health care
    - upgrade outreach to the:
    - faith community
    - health professionals
    - disabilities community

4. Get ready for the 2002 election season
    - start early in 2001 to develop strategy
    - consider support for federal legislation that helps states move ahead on establishing health care for all
    - develop and promote tactics that can be used nationwide
    - institute "Health Care Justice Week" as annual event (occurred Oct. 13 through 22, 2000)
    - help states localize the health care crisis - i.e., document the #uninsured by county

5. Support state efforts/coalitions
    - develop strategies to help the national effort advance the states' agendas and visa versa
    - examine state efforts and assess where a national campaign can help most

6. Build a strategic center
    - combine THOUGHT and ACTION - focus on broad goals and vision as we develop and implement strategies for action
    - foster dialogue among a DIVERSITY of forces about how to advance the vision and TOLERATE DIFFERENCES in approach
    - express these ideas clearly and articulately to diverse constituencies

7. Build relationships with allies in Congress
    - the Universal Health Care Task Force, Progressive Caucus, others

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