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* * U2K ACTION ALERT * * *
issued 10/10/00


Between now and Election Day (Nov. 7), we have an opportunity to engage candidates for Congress on issues of health care justice. In the process we have the chance to recruit candidates to join the Congressional Universal Health Care Task Force and to highlight those candidates who are willing to stand up as "Leaders for Health Care Justice" and those who are not. 


Ask congressional candidates to sign the U2K pledge to be a "Leader for Health Care Justice." Return signed pledges to the U2K Campaign.


If you don't know the location or contact information of a candidate's campaign office, visit VoteSmart at <http://vote-smart.org/index.phtml> where you can type in your ZIP CODE and be linked to your candidate's campaign contact information. We recommend contacting incumbent Members of Congress at their campaign offices rather than their congressional offices to maximize your impact. You may also access the VoteSmart website via the top page of this website http://www.u2kcampaign.org.

For more information, contact the Universal Health Care 2000 (U2K) Campaign:

Shelley Moskowitz, U2K Political Coordinator
Email: <moskowitz@graypanthers.org>
Tel: 202/737-6637, X-25
Fax: 202/737-1160

Lee Chilcote, U2K Field Organizer
Email: <uhcan@uhcan.org>
Tel: 216/902-5577
Fax: 216/241-8423
U2K Website: <http://www.u2kcampaign.org>



Candidate Pledge

The current health care system is broken:

• Over 42 million Americans are uninsured and millions more are at risk of losing their health care.
• The US is the only industrialized nation without a national guarantee of health care for all.
• The recent World Health Organization (WHO) report ranked the US Health system 37th in the world based on what experts estimate could be accomplished with the resources available in the country, and only 55th in fairness.

The current health care system is unjust:

• Children, African-Americans, Hispanics and people with disabilities are disproportionately uninsured.
• Three out of five seniors do not have prescription drug coverage necessary for basic health and wellness.
• Patients who are injured by HMO bureaucrats who delay or deny care have little recourse.

The solution is to work for a health care system that is:

• ACCESSIBLE: Everyone has access to quality health care.
• COMPREHENSIVE: A range of services can be accessed to combat illness and maintain health.
• AFFORDABLE: Out-of-pocket expenses do not create barriers to needed care.
• PUBLICLY ACCOUNTABLE: Since public dollars are already the majority of health care dollars spent, appropriate oversight is needed.

Therefore, if elected to Congress, I pledge to become a Leader for Health Care Justice:

I will make it a top priority to work for a national guarantee of health care for all.

I will join the Universal Health Care Task Force* in Congress to draft, with my colleagues, principled and practical proposals for universal coverage.

I believe everyone should have access to comprehensive, affordable and publicly accountable health care regardless of ability to pay.



Name/Congressional District/State




*The non-partisan Congressional Universal Health Care Task Force is a project of the Congressional Black Caucus' Health Care Brain Trust with the participation of the Hispanic, Progressive, Asian-Pacific, Women, Children and Native American caucuses.

For more information and to return signed pledges: Universal Health Care 2000 (U2K) Campaign • 2800 Euclid, # 520 • Cleveland OH 44115 • Fax: 216/241-8423 • Tel: 216/902-5577 • <www.u2kcampaign.org>


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