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October 13 - 22, 2000

Information about U2K events and contacts in your area

Health Care Justice Week Faith Communities Plans 

Health Care Justice Week organizing resources

The U2K Election 2000 Handbook is now available!
Health Care Justice Week Sponsors


Join hundreds of groups nation-wide
to raise public awareness about health care injustice 
and to let our nation's candidates for public office know
it's time for HEALTH CARE FOR ALL!

        Let your voice be heard!

Organize or participate in:

  • Candidate forums

  • Health care justice meetings: public hearings, town hall meetings

  • Health care volunteer projects in your community

  • Meetings between health care activists and candidates

  • Religious services and programs devoted to health care justice

  • Rallies, street theater or events sponsored by U2K groups

  • Campaigns of letters, postcards or calls to candidates

  • Distribution of fliers and display of banners at public events

  • Displays at health fairs


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