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Welcome to the
U2K Campaign Web Site!

The U2K Campaign was a national grassroots campaign to organize around the 2000 elections to move America towards achieving universal health care.  The Campaign objectives were to:  

  • Increase the political visibility of fundamental health care reform nationwide.

  • Strengthen local health care coalitions and create new linkages  with organizations concerned about America's health care crisis.

  • Help create an energized bloc of universal health care supporters in the next Congress.

The Universal Health Care Action Network (UHCAN) is building on the successes of the U2K Campaign to further the long term struggle for comprehensive health care for all.  For more information: Water Damage Manchester NH

Plans for U2K in 2001        Click here to see the new universal health care task force in congress
Health Care Justice Week
 U2K Campaign Cartoon by: John Jonik
Cartoon by: John Jonik


Pledge to be a "Leader for Health Care Justice"

HOW TO CONTACT YOUR CANDIDATES FOR CONGRESS - should also see: meditation for beginners to learn how to relax

What's New? (Click to see previous updates)line

.Plans for U2K in 2001
.Health Care Justice NOW October Newsletters Published
.Health Care Justice Week Sponsors
.Op-Ed: The Real Issue is Justice, by Ken Frisof
.Action Alert, Message for Candidates
.Waxman/Rockefeller on Universal Health Care  
(Final list)
.Local Water remediation repair

 Follow the growing endorsement of U2K across the nation!

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